Google AdWords advertising campaigns

Pay only for your website visitors

Using Google AdWords advertising campaigns is a strategic tool that directly impacts the visibility, traffic, and positioning of your website.

Setting up an AdWords ad campaign will instantly increase your traffic. The results of the applied efforts on AdWords are measured in a very short period time.

Operation in brief:

  • Google AdWords allows you to define potential target customers.
  • The targeting of your audience is done by interest fields, geography and demography through a strategic keywords list.
  • The keywords selection related to your market is made according to the available search volumes and the cost of bidding in proportion to your budget.
  • Finally, you will be charged based on number of times your ads send a visitor to your content.

o build and realize full potential of an AdWords advertising campaign, we offer :

To analyze your current presence and that of your targets

To target and select your keywords

To develop your campaign budget strategy

To Establish your ads structure’s and groups

To write and adjust your ads

To analyze and optimize your campaign performance

Let us know your challenges
We will present you a strategy

Our role :

As expert analysts evaluate globally and on several axes the visibility of your website against your competition.

As expert advisors to assist you in the preparation of strategic plan and targets selection to maximize better your advertising campaign return.

As application expert is an action plan implementation that will allow your company to achieve the desired reputation rise and positioning through different search engines results.

The importance of analysis and adjustments :

On the search engines, the race to the top positions is strategic, ruthless and relentless.

To measure reach and impact of an AdWords ad campaign on its target audience, it’s important to track it and make periodic adjustments.

Constant analysis is used to evaluate the performance of each ad, each keyword, and the targeting chosen to quickly apply timely adjustments.

These adjustments to your ad campaign and your targeting can optimize the overall performance of your budget by keeping your place against the competitors.

It’s also important to adjust the allocated budget for each ad group and the bids for each keyword during your ad campaign activity period.

Do not hesitate to inform us with your objectives, we will be happy to find the ideal strategy to reach them!