Remarketing campaign

A powerful recovery tool

A remarketing campaign is a strategic tool to broadcast ads to people who have already visited your website.

The results are so successful when well integrated with a complete advertising strategy and allow to increase the notoriety of your brand and to convert more sales.

To build and realize your remarketing campaign’s full potential, we offer you :

To develop your remarketing strategy

To create your remarketing lists based on targeted actions

To develop your campaign budget strategy and conversion goals

To establish your ads’ structure and groups

To create your ads’ texts and visual banners

To analyze and optimize your campaign’s performance

Let us know your challenges
We will present you a strategy

Operation in brief :

As a first step, you need to integrate custom parameters with the tracking tags of your website and create actions associated with lists (ex: visit a specific page, add a product to the cart or an uncompleted conversion).

Subsequently, we target users on our lists through targeted ads and appropriate web or social networks promotions. This new remarketing (or retargeting) campaign allows you to reconnect with the visitor and present them with relevant and personalized announcements and promotions.

The importance of analysis and adjustments

To measure how well your remarketing campaign is reaching your target audience and the return on your investment, it’s important to track it and apply periodic adjustments to maximize the sales impact.

Do not hesitate to inform us with your objectives, we will be happy to find the ideal strategy to reach them !