Social media integration and management

Social platforms communication strategy establishment and management.

Communication strategy integration through social media represents a real business opportunity.

Various social media platforms are becoming an essential channel for consumers to learn about products, services, promotions and events, to share them and to express their opinion.

Strategic messages coordination, on various platforms, influences and guides consumers to finalize their decision-making process and to trigger consumer action. In addition, it allows to directly extend and consolidate several customer relationship axes.

To keep your brand’s experience constant, since social media users consume content differently, your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other account profiles will need to adequately reflect your company image of and its constant movement. At the right moment, the right message in the best place makes all the difference.

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Our strategic expertise on social platforms:

  • Your current and potential presence’s strategic analysis

  • Personalized business strategy in social media’s elaboration and development

Our creative services on social platforms:

  • Design, creation and optimization of your accounts on different social media

  • Writing texts, blog articles and newsletters adapted for each media

  • Correction, translation and content adaptation for native broadcast on social media platforms

  • Distinctive web content creation: photos, video clips, graphics and animations

Our management and dissemination services:

  • Community Management

  • Planning editorial calendars

  • Native broadcast service for each social platform and media

Our content management expertise ensures a native-looking distribution on each social platform, which directly contributes to consumers incentive to action. By using the specific and instinctive peculiarities of each platform, reacting to your content becomes a reflex for the intended user.

Quality content, broadcast at the right place on a planned frequency, delivers tangible results.