Facebook advertising campaigns

An informative and entertaining approach

An advertising campaign on Facebook social network has nothing to do with Google AdWords advertising.

Compared to a keyword-based advertising campaign displayed in a search engine’s results, a Facebook advertising campaign will rather penetrate its members and users’ reading flow from an informative and entertainment angle.

So, you must turn the advertising content into true value-added content to engage the reader and encourage him to share with other members of his social network.

To build and realize the full potential of your Facebook advertising campaign, we offer you :

To develop your campaign’s marketing strategy

To establish your ads structure’s and groups

To set up and target

To create your ads visual banners’ and texts

To develop your campaign’s budget strategy

To analyze and optimize your campaign’s performance

Let us know your challenges
We will present you a strategy

Powerful targeting

Facebook platform is equipped with a unique targeting tool allows us to inform people who know us and who follow our news feed and, to broadcast advertisements for a defined target audience outside our acquaintances circle.

Facebook allows the configuration of several different targeting parameters and offers an impressive precision quality in the direct desired consumer reach.

Your informative type advertising content can, therefore, be distributed to your typical potential customers defined by: their age, gender, language, place of residence, place of work, interests, love situation or their level of education.

Do not hesitate to inform us with your objectives, we will be happy to find the ideal strategy to reach them!