Search Engines Web Optimization (SEO)

The most expensive and functional website has no impact if it is not visited.

Optimizing your online visibility and resulting traffic quality is critical to your business.

For your website to be among the first results displayed, it is important to make it clear to the crawlers each website page themes to improve their understanding of your content.

To fully optimize your web presence and attract more people to your website, we offer:

To analyze and evaluate the ranking of your website pages.

Our role as expert analysts is to evaluate globally and in several ways the ranking of your website pages for a variety of targeted keywords, closely related to your vertical market.

To establish master plan of improvements to be made

Our role as expert advisors is to establish the master plan of improvements to be made and strategies to put in place to better position yourself in relation to the competition to increase the scope of your content to your natural traffic.

Master plan prioritization and execution

Our role as application experts is to implement the established master plan to enable your company to achieve the desired reputation increase and positioning through the results of different search engines.

Let us know your challenges
We will present you a strategy

Our SEO analysis service:

  • Register your website, targeted keywords and your competition to our positioning analysis tools.

  • Ergonomics Analysis of your website and its content as well as bounce rates observation on different pages.

  • Analyzing your website user’s origin and devices they use to navigate.

  • Your industry’s keywords and their performance analysis for geographic regions and languages ??you are targeting.

  • Your keyword placement in the search results analyze compared to 2 selected competitors.

  • The discovery and analysis of the incoming links of your competitors and opportunities exposed.

  • Analysis and monitoring of your site general health metrics.

The strategic master plan:

  • Following collected data and information analysis, the next step is to develop a strategic master plan of the work to be done and their prioritization.

  • The strategic master plan is composed of multiple tasks to accomplish to increase your website search engines natural positioning.

  • The strategic master plan includes an analysis report of overall collected data, as well as the associated application recommendations with a summary assessment of the expected complexity and impact for each of them.

Strategic master plan prioritization and execution:

  • Whether it’s adding content, redirecting and restructuring addresses, creating external incoming links, improving ergonomics or making corrections: everything will be done to keep your site on a growth axis.

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