Set up your online store quickly and efficiently.

Having an online store has never been more important in Quebec!

To increase the reach of your business and ensure the possibility of carrying out transactions with your customers, you need to have an up to date and attractive online store.

Our experienced team supports you putting together the best solution and allow you to quickly transition to an online business.

We can support you, whether you already have a website or are starting your online presence.

We have the tailormade solution to allow you to sell your products and services online quickly in order to work from the comfort of your home.

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Transactional website design company delivering a turnkey product to get you started quickly.

Integration of
transactional systems

Products entry

category hierarchy

Custom fields

Management training

Optimization of results
for your products
on search engines

Start with a versatile and well maintained platform that will grow with your business!

wordpress content management
woocommerce ecommerce transaction system

WordPress – Woocommerce

This platform is highly customizable and we will adapt it to your product catalog’s needs. This platform is ideal for bilingual sites, thus facilitating local purchasing in the province of Quebec, as well as international sales.

shopify canada online stores
sell products with squarespace

Platform of your choice

We will assist you in creating and launching your ecommerce store online through the platform of your choice. Stay on top of the latest trends and benefit from a team dedicated to perfecting the latest tools.

Choose what is best for your business

Become independent

With our solutions, you remain the owner of your site. Keep your achievements for the future and never go back. We will not charge any recurring costs or profit on your transactions.
Stay independent!

online store

Use Livechat support

Add a live chat system that allows you to respond and assist multiple customers at once, a direct solution to avoid losing sales. Build customer loyalty from their first visit by being there for them as if they were visiting your store in person!

boutique ecommerce

Solutions for you: from subscription to customizable products

Using Woocommerce extensions, your store will be adapted to sell exactly what you have in mind.

Sell subscriptions, virtual or downloadable products, reservations and privileged access to content. Manage your discounts, promotions and coupons as you see fit. All options are available to you!

commerce électronique

Let us know your challenges
We will present you a strategy